Born 1966 in Innsbruck, Austria, she spent her youth and school time in Switzerland. Later on studies of literature and philosophy at University of Vienna. Major subjects: German literature 1900 – 1938. Philosophy of enlightenment, psychoanalysis. Final thesis about the German writer and journalist Kurt Tucholsky and  Master degree in philosophy. Begin of the doctor studies, research fellowships in Germany (Berlin, Stuttgart), travels to Switzerland. Journalism in arts, art & mediaprojects, writing. Publisher of the first art e-zine in Austria “der maschinist” She founded  the artplatform ART 2000 and realized the  pilot project  “Computer Communication & Prison” with the Austrian media artist Franz Xaver.  She founded the art association “Target Reply” and realized works in media arts, journalism, ghostwriting and published two books for the publisher Ueberreuter.  In 1999 she started a business career working 6 years for renowned international IT  companies such as CoCo Software, Factiva and Lexis Nexis, later on for SIAG event marketing.
In 2008 Sigrun Höllrigl returned again to arts founding the initiative and artist community ART VISUALS &POETRY  The artist group works on multimedia literature performances, and on poetry films. Beside that she follows her own literary literary work writing essays, novels, poems, articles. In 2013 she co-founded a philosophy and dialog project in Lower Austria  for Ulrich Reinthaller and directed the first Poetry Film Festival in Vienna 2013. In 2014 she organized the first poetry film competition in Austria and directed the Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival Vienna 2014. The poetry film competition for 2015 has already been opened for German speaking countries. The Vienna Poetry Filmfestival will take place December 5-6, at METRO Kinokulturhaus, which is one of the most beautiful cinemas in middle of Vienna city center. In 2015 her first novel “Odysseus X” was published by edition keiper, Graz. 2016 publication of the second novel “The Camp” by keiper. Nov 4-6, 2017 directing of the fourth Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival 2017, which became the second-largest poetry film Festival worldwide screening 82 films within 3 days. 2018 marketing job for a public NGO, filmscreenings, preparations for the Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival 2019. Director of the fifth Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival Vienna 2019. 2020 Webrelaunch, preparations fund raising for the sixth Art Visuals & Poetry Film festival 2021. Sound studio recording with Viennese poets. 2021 Organization and realization of the sixth Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival at Künstlerhaus Wien. Film release of the two experimental poetry films “Metro” (directed by George Chkheidze) and “Pandemia” based on poems by the author.
Sigrun Höllrigl lives in Vienna and Lower Austria.


Information Web:
e-mail: sigrun.hoellrigl(at)


Filmography literature film
2012: “requiem auf georg trakl”, (Sigrun Höllrigl/Marc Neys)
2013  “tschumbotschampoo oder Jörg Bungee verschollen am seil” (Sigrun Höllrigl/Alexandra Reill)
2014  “capparis spinosa” / “sonnenfieber”      (Sigrun Höllrigl)
2014 “vormittags im auwald”  (Sigrun Höllrigl/Marc Neys)
2014  “ein blaues tier sich verneigt”  (Sigrun Höllrigl/Marc Neys)
2015 “a man and a woman”  (Sigrun Höllrigl, George Chkheidze)
2019 Nexus – film cycle in collaboration with George Chkheidze
2021 Release of two poetry film productions called “Metro” (director by George Chkheidze) and Pandemia based on poems by Sigrun Höllrigl.


 International Screenings: Internationales Poetry Film Festival ZEBRA Berlin, DoctorClip Rom, Hamburg International Short Film Festival, ART VISUALS & POETRY FESTIVAL Wien, International Poetry Film Festival Oslo, International Film Poetry Festival Athens, Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg 2014, Skepto International Filmfestival Cagliary, Italy 2014, VIDEOFEST2K14, Baja California, Mexico, WUK & Künstlerhaus Vienna 2014, Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2015, FILE 2015 – Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paolo, Brazil 2015, Goldsmith College University of London 2015, dotdotdot Shortfilm Festival Vienna 2015, Zebra Poetry Film Festival 2016, File Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paolo, Brazil 2016. Freies Kino Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus Vienna 2016, FILE Belo Horizonte, Brasilien 2017, Öst. Gesellschaft für Literatur Wien 2019, Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival 2019,  International Videopoetry Festival Athens 20019. FILE – Electronic Language International Film Festival Sao Paolo 2020. Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival 2021. ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival 2021.


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