Travel reports, interviews, essays

The stories behind the story


Travel reports have been read a lot in earlier centuries. At that time they showed the most remote corners of the world, into which one could never reach. In the meantime a lot has changed. We live in times of mass tourism.

Travel is a matter of course today, but remains an art.

My travelogues and portraits of people from recent years have been published in the Feuilleton of the “Wiener Zeitung”. The photograph – as pictures to the text – were shot by myself.

The most important thing in writing is the perspective of the viewer, the point of view, and the experience that it can be interesting and rewarding to see things briefly from the perspective of another.

I wrote and published my experiences traveling and meeting people, either in the form of travelogues, portraits of people, interviews for the press, or in the novels, where they became fictional characters.

I was particularly interested in the opportunity to publish feature-length articles and reports.

As a literature lover, I’ve learned from the great writers to process information at multiple levels. Accordingly, I usually tell stories in my story that open up different approaches for their readers. One finds a simple story, a second discovers more, the third interprets everything differently, the fourth reader discovers even more, and so does a material begin to live!