Art Film  2012-2018


2012  “requiem on Georg Trakl”  (with Marc Neys, 5:34 min. )
2012  ” a blue animal bows   (with Marc Neys, 5:40 min.)
2013  “jumbo shampoo or Jörg Bungee lost on the rope”  (with A. Reill, 13 min.)
2014  “morning in alluvial forest”  (with Marc Neys, 3:57 min.)
2014  “a blue animal bows” (reedit with Marc Neys, 11:24 min.)
2015 ” a man and a woman (with George Chkheidze)
2019 “Nexus.” Cylce. Includes two poetry films “fever of the sun” and capparis spinosa (11:05 min).


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Screenings: International Poetry Film Festival ZEBRA Berlin, DoctorClip Rom, Hamburg International Short Film Festival, ART VISUALS & POETRY FESTIVAL Wien, International Poetry Film Festival Oslo, International Film Poetry Festival Athens, Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg 2014,  Skepto International Filmfestival Cagliary,  Italy 2014, VIDEOFEST2K14 Baja California, Mexico, WUK & Künstlerhaus Wien 2014,  Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2015, FILE 2015 – Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paolo, Brazil 2015,  Goldsmith College University of London 2015, dotdotdot Shortfilm Festival Wien 2015, Poetry Film Festival ZEBRA Münster 2016, FILE Sao Paolo 2016, Freies Kino, Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus Vienna 2016, 2017 FILE Belo Horizonte Brazil, 2018, Austrian Society for Literature Vienna 2018.


Beneath her own productions Sigrun Höllrigl  supported during her work for ART VISUALS & POETRY  18 video productions or performance documentaries either financially or /and by leading the projects. Her own films were made in collaboration with internationally renowned film makers such as Marc Neys, (video art, Belgium) and the Georgian George Chkheidze (Co-Director, Director of Photography).

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