Das Lager –  November 2016

Sigrun Höllrigls second novel  „Das Lager“/The Camp was published in November 2016 by edition keiper Graz. 
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Herbert Soltys
Zeichnung Herbert Soltys

The story: The librarian Paul Friess dissappears from one day to another. After a while he  comes back thinking,  that he has been arrested in a prison in the mountains, where people were tortured.  By accident he managed to escape. Back in town, he can not remember due to lacks of memory, what exactly happened. At the police station he can not answer the most important questions, who should have kidnapped him and why.
From that point on Pauls‘ normal life is out of control. He
retires from his girlfriend and friends and tries to find out what happened.  In the library he finds a new friend, a professor. He tries to help Paul. Paul fells in love again, but a strange car accident seperates him from his beloved woman. At the end a doctor helps  him  to memorize what could have happened in these 20 days of being lost.

  • Hardcover  edition: 206 pages
  • publisher: edition keiper; Auflage: 1., edition keiper, Graz ( November ,1 2016)
  • language: German
  • ISBN-10: 390290118           ISBN-13: 978-3902901187

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„The wilderness of the mountains in Crete and the history of resistance in Crete during World War 2 have influenced me creating this story. 

Sigrun Höllrigl ODYSSEUS X – April 2015

The young American student Sally Keane receives a fullbrigth grant at King’s College Cambridge.  Even though she has a boyfriend in US, Sally falls in love in Cambridge.  Beside her troubles to find the right man, we follow the tragic story of Sylvia Plath.  The young woman Sally is a modern alter ego of Sylvia Plath.  Detailed researches about Sylvia Plath and her tragic love story were part of this book.

Meanwhile the historical part  is pure documentary, the contemporary frame story of the novel is pure fiction. Present and past are melding Going back to ancient times the novel creates a feeling of timelessness. From the begin to the end we follow three different voices in an  inner monolog of memorizing. It contains lyrical parts as well as male SMS and  e-mail diaologs. The composition is structured like music. In modern times  the ancient hero Odysseus is incorporated by two young women. Both are interellectuals and in a process of a self discovery.  Both females know that their Odyssey would cost some of their ships.  Even though both young ladies follow the rules of love.

  •  132 pages, paperback
    16,05 Euro (Amazon)
    publishing house: edition keiper; Auflage: 1., April 2015 (13. April 2015
    language: German
    ISBN-10: 3902901683                               ISBN-13: 978-3902901682

 Sigrun Höllrigl about her novel:
„The  big love stories around Picasso, Max Frisch and Ingeborg Bachmann or Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes let us know, how difficult and dangerous a female developing still seems to be for them.  The danger and the risk to fail is much higher,  when female creatives have strong artist partners. The history knows many examples for it. The novel „Odysseus X“ circles around the tragedies of creative women, whose developing declines, because love creates an inner identity loss for them, meanwhile men process in love supported by women. It is a drama, which happens quietly and unspectacularely very often in womens‘ life.“

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