Publication tool internet

Publication tool internet

As many other film makers I also used the internet as my publication tool for films. Some of my poetry films are online on vimeo and accessible for everybody who likes to watch them. I feel great by opening a part of my work to the public. The idea that you buy and sell a piece of art is a strange idea! But somehow also artists need also money. The art works as exchangeable goods keeps the artists living and brings them in a kind of strange communication with the rest of the world.

You can not watch all of my films online. There are two longer shorts, which are not made for online distribution. I hold them back for festival screenings. In all I do not believe in hiding art works exclusively for art buyers. I also do not believe, you should publis all your work in the internet.

My Film collection

I have selected a few films, wich I still find worthwhile watching.

requiem auf georg trakl–  is my debut film as a director together with Marc Neys. The text is based on a live performance text and was written for Literaturhaus Salzburg in 2011. The film was screened 7 times at several festivals.

As Yin und Yang the following film belongs to the first one. Meanwhile the requiem is based on Georg Trakls‘ death metaphors, the second film as about the opposite – his visions of beauty.


ein blaues tier sich verneigt / a blue animal bows


My most successful film I offer in a  short trailer version only: tschumbotschampoo oder Joerg Bungee vanished on the rope.
The text is a rewrite of the classic DADA novel „sekunde durch hirn/ second trough brain“ and was created by the Austrian theater man Hubert Kramar. The film was realized together with Alexandra Reill in a kind of co-direction.

In all I prefer mysteries. Hic et nunc, the currently leading philosophy of our time, is very unpoetic and limited, because the visions in better times are excluded.

Poetry is mostly going beyond time and creates timelessnes and frozen moments. That´s what my art is about.