Poetry Film Festival Vienna 2014

Gewinnerin 2014 Brigitta Falkner
Winner film “Textfilm Made in Austria”  2014 Brigitta Falkner
Since 2011 Sigrun Höllrigl organises with partners such as 4youreye the Art Visuals & Poetry Festival, which took place once a year. Premiere was at 3raumAnatomietheater on  October, 17, 2011. The festival is dedicated to  visualized literature.  In 2013 the focus of the festival changed to the genre poetry film.  Hubert Sielecki, former leader of the studio of experimenal animations, University of Applied Arts Vienna also supports the festival as its film curator.
 In 2014 Art  Visuals & Poetry organized the first time two  poetry film competitions. Winner of the Austrian competition was the Viennese artist Brigitta Falkner with her film “Strategien der Wirtsfindung”.





Still Jos-denBrok-kasparHauser
International winner film “Special Award”: Jos van den Brok/Alfred Marseille
The international “Special Award” dedicated to Georg Trakls’ poem “Kaspar Hauser Lied” went to the artist group Jos van den Brok (Netherlands) and Alfred Marseille (France).
Congrats to the winner, and thanks warmly to all who submitted!
Due to a limited budget we had to come down to one competition only. The  call for entries 2015  is dedicated to German speaking countries. Deadline is September, 15, 2015. The Art Visuals &Poetry Film Festival will take place December 5-6, 2015 at METRO Kinokulturhaus in  Vienna.
We are looking forward to your exciting films and hope to see you there!
Beside that, the Art Visuals & Poetry film festival is on tours and supports cultural events all over Austria with its poetry film screeenings.
Partners Art Visuals & Poetry on Tours 2015:
Freies Kino Künstlerhaus, Vienna
Playground Festival Vienna, May 21-24
dotdotdot Shortfilmfestival Vienna,  August 8
VideoText Bramberg (Salzburg),  September 24