Poetry Film Festival Vienna 2017


The next Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival Vienna will take place November 8-10, 2017 at Metro Kinokulturhaus Vienna, which is a stylish location in the heart of the Vienna City Center.  The preparations have already startet. On November 30 the two international poetry film competition have been launched. We have received appr. 170 films from all over the world, which will be screened in the side program of the festival. One of the competition was  dedicated to German speaking countries only.  The second one was open world-wide and dedicated to a special festival poem from Rainer Maria Rilke. The voice recording of the poem could be downloaded from www.poetryfilm-vienna.com
The new Poetry Film Festival Vienna 2017 will include a third festival day with multi-language films from other  European Poetry Film Festivals. We also added a media co-operation with the local TV Community TV OKTO. Check the current informations online on twww.poetryfilm-vienna.com. 
We will offer an interesting side program with performance, talks and readings. Please stay in touch!